Saturday, December 24, 2011

Let it snow

Go to google and type "let it snow". Enter key!!! It snows!!!

Merry Christmas! Selamat Natal! Buon Natale! Feliz Natal!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Journey to become a doctor

photo by @KoasRacun


The most pleasing thing is to be back home again :) right?

As you know, I am a medical student, had graduated, which then underwent the clinic (co-ass) and finally my co-ass has been completed sometime in September,2011. Journey to become a doctor does not stop there. I have to undergo the state exam (UKDI) to get through the oath and later graduatedas a doctor.

Now UKDI had been done, the results are already out and I give thanks to God for my graduation. I pass the UKDI thing! hehehehe. with this, I am just waiting for the oath then I become a doctor! what a long long journey~
In November, I forge myself to prepare for UKDI. I have a discussion group with five other people. with them I relearn lessons for five years.

hmm..... I still cant believe that I've reached this point. where I really have become doctors. I remember clearly when I was in high school, my friends and some teachers underestimated me because I choose to be a medical student, this is because I am not the best student in class. But with persistence and hard work and prayer, I finally arrived at this posistion.

My college journey is not always smooth, there's always obstacles. I've had bad grades, broken-hearted moment that destroyed my school and cheating! it was the worst days of my life. but the determination to please my parents and myself, I can go forward. at the clinic I try to be better, try harder and not cheat!

Now I've become a doctor, I have to keep learning. therefore must keep the spirit and still take courage for a better future. :)

for you guys who are in school or collage or are working should also have to keep the spirit of hard work! :)

Teruslah bermimpi karena Tuhan akan merangkul mimpi-mimpi itu.

(keep on dreaming because God will embrace those dreams)

- Andrea Hirata-




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