Sunday, November 20, 2011


hi guys!

what's new?

Kim Kardashian divorced after a marriage for 72 days.

Lady gaga wins big at EMA 2011.

Yogyakarta experienced an earthquake again several times this month.

And from me, I have a new hobby. Postcrossing and snail mail :)
I love the postcards and letters have been since long time ago, but I never send letters/postcards before. I think there is no one like anything like this anymore. people prefer to chat on facebook, twitter or messenger. but i was wrong. I found this site and its driving me crazy! I started to send a postcard at the end of October. now I hv been a member for 50days and I've sent 11 postcards. I want to send more than that, but there is a maximum amount on each shipment. so I cant sent more. so far I hv got five postcards from around the world.
Human are never satisfied. right? so I do direct/private swap from facebook :)

last time I get 6 postcards in the mailbox. my heart is racing. very excited. boom boom booom. and when I read it, I smile and laugh by myself. hahahaha. some people at the post office saw me strangely. hahahaha.

basically I like all kinds of postcards, but I'm very fond of historical places. maybe because I like history itself and of course its beauty. and I like postcard written and stamped. I usually write about my culture and the photo in the postcard. while I often ask other people (who will send a postcard to me) write about their culture or poetry that they like.

if you guys want to swap with me, please contact me :

I will upload the cards that I received later. this time I will share about this poetry from the postcard that I receive today. I cried when reading it. this poem reveals well how I felt.

I know we've been broken up almost as long as we were together.
But I can still feel in my bones and flowing through my blood that our story isn't finished being told.
I know it the same way I know that the sun doesn't stop shining just because it gets dark outside.
I stopped telling people, thought, because I was supposed to have moved on by now, and nobody cares.
But its OK.
I can wait.


Alfiyan Altezers said...

Mampir juga ya di blog ane jangan lupa follow dan tinggalkan komentar ...
Salam blogger :D

Dewi Isn said...

where's the link, sist? Hope you don't mind to share it.

*I was a merely correspondence addict in middle school :D

Kanina Sista said...

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