Monday, October 3, 2011


Today I went to the post office, I intend to find a postcard to sent to Russia. But what I found? nothing! I asked the officer, whether at the central post office I can get a postcard, and the answer is no. Because the post office does not sell postcards! *Whattt??!* There are only about 20 postcards that are not interesting, it was selling an old lady in front of the post office.

My struggle to find the postcard does not stop there, I went to a large bookstore, and the result is: I was disappointed. There are only a few postcards only. paper comes from recycled paper, its a godd idea anyway, but the picture does not tell you something. and if I send to Russia, definitely easy to tear.

I went to another bookstore, which is also quite famous in town. and none here.

I was amazed! did not people do not like the postcards anymore? whether the postcard was lost fame than email and massenger? as someone who enjoys writing letters and postcards exchanged, I was disappointed. because for me, although a letter or postcard is a bit inconvenient but it felt really different when compared to email or chatting.

argh!! do you know where I can get a postcard? please let me know.

P.S I've got the postcard I was looking for, but I still need more
I really really like postcard/postcrossing, please send me a postcard, I would greatly appreciate it. I also will reply postcard from you.
contact me at to exchange addresses


Maya Floria Yasmin said...

halo kanina, aku liat profil kamu di forum postcrossing :)
mau dikirimin kartupos dari banjarmasin? kartupos gratisan dari kantor pos sih.. tapi gambarnya khas kalsel banget :)
kalo mau, bisa email aku yaa :)

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