Tuesday, August 30, 2011

food hunter : Parsley

When I frist create a blog, I just write about the love story and some of my views on life. but after all this time I sunk into a black-fucking-hole of love, so I left the world of writing. I never touch my blog for more than a year. I was awakened by my friend, Alex. In his blog he can write it all. his viewa on life, his frustration, his pleasures, his feelings. and I thought, WHY NOT? if I didnt start it, I would never write again. Until then (the time where I could write about the love story and other views of life again) I'll try to write about my daily life. nevertheless we can make something big from something small right? I could write about what I do in my work, my favorite cafes, shoe, travelling, or food!!!

and here I am, I previously had told you guys about my shoes. This time I will share about the food!!! oohhh I'm so excited :) I was not a food critic, I just connoisseur :p

but not all kind of food I can enjoy, I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I dont eat certain organs of animals. I also cant eat too spicy food. I have bad memory with the chili things, that make me never eat chili or spicy food until I graduate from college. I dont even want to eat chili powder in instant noodles. :'( I will not tell my trauma here, slowly I forget it, and try to love spicy food :)
Now I'm working in a remote area in Java, so when I went back to Jogjakarta, I often hunt for food. And yesterday I ended up in a restaurant that was always my passion, Parsley.

Parsley itself is a famous cake and bakery in Jogjakarta. My family prefer this bakery because of its quality. Same price as other bakery (sometime there are more expensive) but the quality is unquestionable. Bread here for me like a god. They make bread like the Italian make Pizza. they know what they make, no kidding. Variety of breads available from whear bread, white bread, sweet breads and sandwiches. Garlic bread is my favorite all the time. Simple, tasty and tender. Suitable eaten with milk or tea in the morning, fitting to start the day. Wheat bread here is different from those in other places, could be an option for a family breakfast menu. simply served with undercooked eggs and milk or simply with yogurt.

and the most famous and MOST BRILLIANT cake in this place is THE OPERA CAKE. You could feel the chocolate melting and wetting your lips and mouth. You can feel the softness of this cake until the last bite. and you will not feel satisfied with one or two bites. it feels so incredible. I can say, When I eat thin fuckin-beautiful cake I can feel that the world stopped moving just to wait for me finish it. Buuutt,,, sorry I have to say, other cake here just "good enough".

After a while this place is only a patisserie and bakery, then this palce build this beautiful and warm resto. the food available there are various kind, from Indonesian to International cuisine. Indonesia food that I reccommend is the Sop Buntut (oxtail soup) and Iga Bakar (grilled ribs). both very tasty and hv international flavor without leaving the taste of Indonesia itself.
Western menu that I like here is the Chicken Cordon Bleu and abso-fuckin-lutly the Australian beef steak. Australian beef steak I choose to cook it well done. and it fit perfectly, tender meat combined with a sweet brown sauce and a bit spicy from the pepper. Served with french fries really tempting. and I got a different dish from the Chicken Cordon Bleu. Chicken with cheese and ham in it, cooked perfectly, then combined with mayonnaise sauce, mashed potatoes and spinach cooked gently. I took a little piece of meat to get the perfect bite. I cant tell it better. You should try it yourself! :)

In Parsley there is also a menu of pasta such as spaghetti and lasagna. but I've never tried it. Other times I have to try! from the price I have seen portions of lasagna was probably not too much (only $2,5) but I dont know about the taste, I hope not as cheap as its price. Nah, the other food I have ever tried here is this Cheese Burger. Burger with a thick meat, cheese, eggs and vegetables served with french fries. the Burger was so great dan big, until my brother wondering how to eat it (he used to eat a bite directly rather than placed in a plate and eat with knife and fork). Pretty tasty burger but I was wondering why they add the eggs in in??? I think the eggs spoil the whole burger ;(

oh I forgot about the fruit salad that I ordered. I was surprised when my order comes. its in the salad bowl that is very very large, although the portion is ordinary. but if more that that I might not be able eat my main course. in that salad there are various kinds of fruit, like most other fruit salad, but different is combined with lettuce and mayonnaise typical of this place. sweet and sour taste combined into one. suitable for the appetite to eat before entering the main dish.

now I will not say much more, let the pictures fo the talking. photo quality less good cause it was taken from Iphone.

Iga Bakar (grilled ribs) : so International so Indonesian :)

Australian beef steak : sweet and spicy, so yummy

Chicken Cordon Bleu : the best in Jogjakarta so far

forgot this one. but so deliciouso.

Cheese Burger : with awkward egg :))

I heart shoes

Everyone has their own preference on mode. men - women, old - young, all have their own taste.
There are people who devote their lives entirely to fashion and some that prefer to enjoy fashion. On the first point, I would immediately imagine Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and The City". she is gloritying fashion. Her style, her clothes, her shoes....... oohhhh everything is very very fashionable. I thought maybe she could die if there is no fashion. *LOL*
There are also people who are paying less attention to fashion, they buy/have something not based on
hid favoriite of fashion but rather necessity. As an example : everyone needs a shihrt and pants, they inevitablu have to go to he boutique and buy it. For those who are fond of fashion they will follow or buy the latest mode or buying a particular brand. But there is also people buy based on budgets or specific preferences (certain color or specific model).
"The Devils Wears Prada" is a simple example. Anne Hathaway plays someone who does not care about fashion, but theenn had to turn 180 degrees, loves fashion!!!
But here, I will not discuss more about fashion, because I also do not quite understand and observe about that, let the experts discuss it. In my own world of fashion, I am current opponents. I have no particular reason, I just love it. When straight hair is the latest model, I make my hair curly. When people are busy wearing flat shoes, I love heels. When people fight over a maxi dress, I wore my lovely shirt. Something that was always my passion and I never leave behind is Sabrina, Jeans, and of course Wedges. :)

This time I will tell you a bit about me and my shoes. Shoes is something that is important to me. ooohhhhh I love the shoes since I was little, somehow I was always impressed with the shoe. maybe because I watched too many Cinderella OR just because of the influence of my mom. I remeber one of my mother student's said she always admired my mother's shoes.
My mom has a lot of shoes. She changed shoes as she changed clothes! her choice of shoes is always exciting and beautiful, whether brand or not. I remember that I used to sneak into the back room to try her shoes. yaaahhh ... of course shoes look great in my tiny feet ^^ but I am always happy to try it, I will proudly wear it around the room with.
back then, I'll save my money to buy books and shoes. at that time I was more concerned with quantity than quality. I could buy some cheap shoes that could keep changing. and of course the shoes were the newest models. but now I am more concerned with the quality. I dont mind the price, I could buy a cheap or expensive as long as its comfortable to use. Ease for me to not buy clothes for 6months to almost a year or even more, I'll wear my old one until the color faded, but I cant stand by when my shoes are not comfortable to wear. I need good and comfortable shoes for my ordinary life. I have an ortostatic hypotension, where if I stand too long, my blood pressure goes down. Other that that I would feel very tired and loww back pain.

And like most people, I have some shoes for several different events. I had flat shoes for school and work, sandals to play, heels for formal event and other shoes that I cant put into categories, wedges!!! somehow I really love the stuff on this one, wedges is FUN and FASHIONABLE, TIMELESS.

The problem is the size! i hate my BIG feet. B I G !!! (10inches!!!! ~ 9 in US~ 40 in europe). we cant ignore about the size, right? as good as any shoe, it will not be beautiful and comfortable to wear if the size does not fit. :'( I was often difficult to find sizes and models of shoes that fit me. if there is a model I like, its size does not fit. sometimes there is the right size but I dont like the model or color. so its very difficult to find shoes that fir for me. for my heart and legs.

oh I forget to tell, I still often sneak to try the shoes, especially new shoes. and the sad thing is I can not try that lovely shoes! yup didnt fit in my big big big feet :'(

Saturday, August 20, 2011

twitter : follow-mute-block-unfollow

who does not know? I think almost everyone is familiar with it, and even adults and children. twitter popularity in cyberspace was no doubt. like facebook, twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enanles it users to send and read text based posts of up to 140 characters, informally know as "tweets".

and like others, I also twitter junkies :) I already have a twitter account since March 2009, exactly two years after the twitter made. back then, Twitter is still not very well known in Indonesia. although in other countries are much more popular than facebook.
actually long before I made my account, I already know about it, but I dont want to know more, then in 2009 I made an account. and my friend from Indonesia was less than 10 people. more of my friends from other countries, so I tweet in english.

now twitter has been more popular in Indonesia. most people have started to leave facebook, and maybe even have every few people who still have friendster. hahaha.
uhmmm.... okay. this was the problem. there are people who follow me, but I dont want her to folllow me. hahahaha *evil laugh*
twitter is a place to say what in my mind. including if I'm upset or having a bad day. twitter is one place where I pour out my feelings. I myself do not just tweet about things that are fun only. because if so I like to build a fine image. if I'm upset with someone, and I cant say it directly to that person, I will write in twitter. if that person is follow me and read my tweet - and she felt - and then in turn - its good. but if not it would only fuel more problems between us.
indeed when we dont like someone, we should not publish it. because its bad and can be interpreted as affecting other people (even thought we didnt mean it).
in my tweet, I never mention the people I dont like, I just tweet about the situation at that moment. now, Im really not like someone, she's very very selfish. I cant stand it anymore. she's follow me, and I dont like it. some people suggest about to block/mute her, but when we block/mute someone in twitter, she will not see my tweet in her timeline, but she can still read my tweet if she open my profile. there are no full block in twitter as in facebook.
i dont want her see my timeline, and this is impossible in twitter. so the best solution for me is unfollow her. hahahaha. its just for her.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

new theme : frustrating

hiiii guys.....

this is my new tumblr theme :) i love it so badly. hahahaha . I liked my previous theme, but it didn't really work out as I expected it to be.
it took a while to finish cuztomizing
this stuff, because I do not like the available themes, I want to make my own. but I can't find where I can change it. so I look for themes that are already available on cherry bam afterI found that I liked, I tried to follow the instructions provided. but this makes me frustated. I cant find the "use custom html"
people suggest to use sadari(I use google chrome) but still have not found it. I was tinkering my chrome, Im sure there's a way!!! some people say to try with a larger laptop (im using benq joybook lite U101) but I insist to find it myself. because I sure can. and I found a surefire way. this is actually easy if we use our logic. hahahaha.

I not only selected this theme because it contains my favorite design but also because of the aesthetics it brings to my site. so what do you think about the new theme? please feel free to comment with what you think :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

something that inspires

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



what we know about soulmate? I do not even know for sure what it means. nevertheless, for me this is a very strong word and has character.
if it was talking about soulmate, must always appear a variety of questions. for example: what's soulmate? what we're going to find it? who is my soulmate? and who can answer these questions? ourselves!!!

a friend of minde said that soulmate is her boyfriend. her boyfriend is her lover, her soulmate.
my other firend said that the husband is a soulmate. married only once, so whoever her husband that her soulmate. then I ask : what about people who marry more than once? who is the real soulmate? and a moment later she fell silent. she can no longer speak. hahaha *evil laugh*

maybe my question was too harsh but this is realistic. out there are many people divorce. and I never understood why it happened. if the reason is incompatibility, why was forced to get married? if the problem is the economy or ego or third person, why they did not fight harder? WHY?!

I believe every person has his soulmate. maybe they find it, maybe not. but for those who do not find it, I think it was a mistake. because they would have found it jus did not realize it. I think soulmate is not only (opposite sex) that we love. but rather to those we love and love us.

for those who are divorced, x-husband/wife does not mean they are not their soulmate. because in essence, a soul mate to teach about love, and that makes us grow and develop into mature souls, though in painful way.

now I do not have a lover. but I have a soulmate. I have someone I love so much, until my heart sometimes ca not hold them. he had been present in my life, though not long, his presence in my heart will continue to exist. besides him, I have my other soul mates, my family and friends.

in the literature I get a sense of soulmate. "a soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality or compatibility." and for me these are my soulmate :)
my family
koas ale
my fav quote :
A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we’re pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we’re safe in our own paradise. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life. - Richard Bach, author ofJonathan Livingston Seagull

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