Monday, July 26, 2010

just say hello!

hi guys!

It's been a long time not writing. probably because there was no time, well I spend most of my time in hospital and outside the city. I always want to come back here, but when the time is there, I have no intention of actually writing. hahaha. *sorry for that.*

well.... talk about news, things were fine. Today was my first holiday after four months without a holiday. but I dont have any plans for this damn holidays. that has happened is that I just sit home, watch a movie. I repeat old movies that I've ever seen. well here's destiny without plan a vacation or a boyfriend. *wooppssss!*


This blog started making me sick! because I dont know what to write and I feel very bad. *hahahaha* so lets just end this shit. *ahe*

I'll see you again when I wanted to write again.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

something that inspires

Be thankful for who you are today. because it has to be someone out there who'd kill just to be you (by tiffany william)

btw happy bday to me!

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