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Monday, June 21, 2010

happy father's day

hi. howdy.

Did you know that yesterday was father's day?

honestly, I knew it when I opened of social networking. I never celebrate. still less familiar. okies. so this time I'll tell you about my dad.

My father is an archaeologist. He used to and out of the caves, temples and climbed down the mountain. I was glad to see him when he works outside Yogyakarta. Like when his office in Makassar, when school holiday, I came to visit him. he who introduced me Tana Toraja. one of those places I always longed for. brought to Tana Toraja is an extraordinary thing. in Tana Toraja I learned so many things. that life should not be spoiled. not all the things we want will come true. and that we should be eternally grateful. grateful to the little things though. that we can still enjoy the electricity is the one of them. electricity in Tana Toraja is still limited. we must also be thankful for the natural beauty of Tana Toraja. that place were I grew up (Indonesia) is so rich in natural wealth. Tana Toraja is a nice area, still green and beautiful. the people may look ferocious, but they are actually very friendly and kind..... ooohhhh still many stories about Tana Toraja, I will tell you in my other journals.

I'm not so close with my dad, but our relationship is not bad. we have a different character, similarity is we both stubborn and likes traveling.

my dad was the one who introduced me to diving. he was not professional, only one star in diving, and thats enough for him. I basically love the water sports is never a waste this opportunity. I followed him to Karimun Jawa and learn diving. In Karimun Jawa I learned many things other than diving. that in our lives, we must share with others and want to meet and adapt to other people. because we will continue to meet new people throughout our lives. if we do not want to open our hearts to new people, then we will be among the losers. we must also always remember that "
dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung" (sorry-i cant interpret it into english) not only with humans we have to behave well, even with the natural environment we must apply either. we must treat them like we want to be treated.

my dad is the one who taught me how to drive a car. he said that driving the same way as a self control. we cant square off reckless or speeding on the road, because the road was not ours. in control we should gently but surely. should the concentration but not stiff. that in every step we must use the good intentions and logic of the heart.

there area many stories about my dad, but not all could tell. too long and will spend a sheet of my journals. hehehe.

i love you dad.....

Monday, June 14, 2010

where d hell have u been

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

leadership : between desire and satisfaction

what is the meaning of leader?

lately I'm always thinking and pondering about the meaning of leader, this is based from my experience with a leader that I thought he was a bit downtrodden. that I see is he's old enough to become a leader for his friends, he also enjoyed his role, perhaps because he's grateful for the trust of his friends, was given a privilege, but on the other hand, I saw him tired of being a leader. how not. I also feel tired if I had to lead my friends that most of their stubborn and selfish (no offense - not necessarily those if you who I'm talking about). plus he has to deal with me when I'm emotional because of the behavior of his friends (and I'm really really sorry for that - please forgive me chief).

ok. back to topic....

I ask again. exactly what the leader? what's leader solely for the moan? or people to blame and responsible for the thing done by people who he lead? if yes, 100% I do not want to become a leader!

my search result on google, I found a blog which raised about the meaning of leadership. and I'm pretty satisfied with this article, in this article mentioned that the leader is a person who has the skills and strengths - especially skill-surplus in one area, so that he can influence other people to get together to perform certain activities for the achievement of several goals (Kartini kartono, 1994 :181)

leader have a duty to lead their members. lead can be interpreted as :
loyality: a leader must be able to raise the loyalty of his colleagues and give their loyalty in favor.
educate: a leader able to educate his colleagues and pass on knowledge to colleagues.
advice: suggestions and advice from existing problems
discipline: provides exemplary in discipline and enforce discipline in each activity.

there are many more to be learned about leadership in this article, which you can read here.

from here I can understand about leadership, but why are there in this article there are no rights leader? leaders also have the right rights? leaders are also human.

so I thought about this leadership, we must react wisely. someone who we choose as a leader should be someone who deserve/appropriate to be a leader, although appropriate and inappropriate it was subjective. people who pick and choose should be balanced. equally sincere and no one was harmed. must be by mutual consent. when it elected a person to become leader of the people who become leaders learn to become the best leader, as the saying goes that good leaders are leaders who are loved by their members. and who are led also learn to respect their leaders. so that people who lead and led by a sense of belonging, respect and tolerance.

equally we want is an environment with good leadership, comfortable and peaceful. and to our desire that we must achieve together, cant be done by one party only. so let's make it happen!!

for you my chief,
sorry for my selfishness yesterday, sorry if it hurt (I know it must be painful. because I've treated you rudely). I'm really sorry.... I promise I will not repeat. I will try to become a better person.
and if you need a friend to confide in or just listen to your heart I dont mind, please come to me. I'll be there, will not be chaged except to become a better longer.

Look, it's me

hi guys ... what a wonderful Sunday!

on this beautiful day I have to keep in maternal care (at RSUP DR. Sardjito Yogyakarta). a place where women who whould or after childbirth treated. because there was only two patients, in the end I was not much work. I was just sitting around, eating, sleeping and a bit of study here. hm..... in the waiting room I saw a poster that was quite interesting, this poster contains the latest technology of ultrasound, the 3D ultrasound. the following is an excerpt from these posters, I quote it because I really like this poster!

Look, it's me!

Dear Mom,
the greatest wonder of humanity is happening under your heart.
it's me, your baby, who is growing up inside of you. As you see on the unique-3 demensional ultrasound image, I am very small person right from the begining. So small,that only your protection and your care are the guarantee for me, and therefore our safety. together with your doctor you can convince yourself of my good health during the regular ultrasound examinations and you will see me in real time. Can you feel it, how our bounding grows each time you see in 3D ultrasound?

Thank you for your love.
I'm so much looking forward to you.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

best people

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The best people are those who can be useful to others.


oh .... I've graduated from college. have a degree. actually been since last february but could new gradiation in May.

there is a little story about the graduation ceremony this time, I feel different with alex. not because he cumlaude and I do not. but because I felt strangely alone, alex is very sad and disappointed when his mother and sister cant come to graduation. all day he complaining this and that. and I responded with "never mind". very different with him, I didnt even want anyone to come to my graduation. yah.... maybe my mother's presence alone is enough. I dont know why. maybe because I feel I still do not deserve to pass, Im still lacking a lot to learn. maybe also I did not want them to come. I dunno. well.... congratz for me...... yay!me with alex

others as you

Does not feel two months have passed since I became a young doctor. was not long enough to have learned much, because so much material and time always seemed lacking. I can do is learn as possible. repeating theories that have been learned and realize them to the patient. I will discuss the issues here, but is not about medical science, its about another lesson I got. this is about competition in "co ass" world.

To be honest, I'm not an ambitious person, but not the people who do not want to know (lazy - well... maybe a lil bit lazy - but not severe ^.^v). some people do have an ambitious attitude - thirst for knowledge and competence. of course they're better than me. why? because as I said earlier in my previous blog, we have to learn a lot in order not to disappoint.... but sometimes I cant tolarate their behavior. for the example is they were talking about me in the back. its because I get a case that someone has not got it. oh my god!!!! I hate this. (I am innocent!). we already discussed in the previous day about this and decided together that I can take the case first. (because they feel they have not learned enough). but why after I'd be the case, they reversed course. talking about me behind? I dont understand their thinking. what does they want?

yes I was quite upset when I knew about this problem. this is only a case! that does not even deserve to be a gossip material.

I'm not a very wise, but I have been trying to become wiser. the fact that they like do not like if someone a little more advanced than them. whether it is really bad? this is not just about the time. they also will get it. differ only a few hours is not it? why be so difficult?

wether they noticed that after I got a case I share it with them. What I cant help them get the case? if they are not aware of anyone who helps them when they are in trouble?

so many questions in my head and I still dont know the answer until today. I was too lazy to discuss or ask it to them. I'll let it go just like that. I questioned if this issue means I just like them, I still have a lot to think about other than this problem.

why am I talking about it here is not because I'm still pissed off or I was not sincere, but I wanted to share with you.... I got a lesson from this is that you can not expect others to like you or what you want.

in the javanese proverb never mentioned that when you plant the rice, it could be growing is grass. do not expect others to be like you. in this world there are many people with different characters. and I think that's where the beauty of the world, when you can understand each other and live peacefully with others who are different. do not you think if people in this world the same then the world would be very boring.

to live a peaceful world, we must be mutual respect. and for me to appreciate the other person should be with love and be sincere.

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