Sunday, March 28, 2010

airlines and me

Had bad experience on airlines?yes I have.

This happened many years ago, when I was still in high school. I would visit my father who worked in another city, in Makassar exactly. to go to Makassar from Jogjakarta have 2 choices of vehicles, ships and aircraft. considering using the ship's journey will be long and less safe for me to go alone, I chose the plane. for airlines flight options at that time there were only 2, between them there is no GIA (in honorvof these two airlines so I did not mention their name).

I choose the airlines that still new and promo price is tempting. this option unexpectedly brought me to the trauma in the future. price may be cheap but passenger safety should come first right?

I honestly never forget how it feels to be on that plane. very scary. tje weather is very sunny outside but why the plane was shaking as if the storm and lighting. the journey was very long and horrible. since then that I never choose another airline in addition to the GIA (Garuda Indonesi Airways). GIA is more expensive but in accordance with the tranquility that I got, I dont have to worry all the time. should not be afraid to fall or sudden burst. hahahh (lebay). ministry is also much better with friendly flight attendants and ready to help without complaining. not to mention the food is always good. hehehe ^^

trip to Bali with my bestfriends recently, must be reached by plane. I certainly got an eagle wants (read: GIA) hahahha. but the pricecis so high, my friends prefer other airlines are cheaper. very selfish if I didnt come because of this of if I'm alone ride a different airline with them. I inevutably have to fight my fears!!!!!

my fear has emerged since first time we got to the airport. but I continued to keep busy so not remember my bad memories. but my fear came back and got worse when we was in the plane.

I chose to sit alone, not with my friend. so thaht fear does noy bother them. they sat across me. they talking, joked, and laughed. and I was sweating cold and busy with my own thought. travel an hour just seemed so long. I wanted to quickly rndt this journey. Eventually we reached bali safely. not less anything.

way home followed by the samr airline. I was calmer this time. probably because like coming home again and has a nice holiday. im not too scare. i was overwhelmed by the cuteness of children in the plane. im not too scared.

think about my fear that therecis no bottom. I've always thought that if you use the airlines vain I could get hurt. it may be the same but at least by the choosing the better I feel more comfortable. in my mind is to choose the better airline I was more trying to avoid an accident or whatever than not trying at all. but really, if God wants us to have an accident will happen. do not look at what the airline used. the same plane, both human-made, human is not perfect, the plane too. it all depend on intent, belief and sincerity.

now I'm not so scared anymore and I've got a valuable lesson.
thanks guys.... its all because of you...

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Friday, March 5, 2010


01.05 am

I feel numb...

my body and soul

After almost 1,5years trying to forget the people I love, finally I found a guy who can make me feel happy again. completely happy. body and soul. he was a friend at my campus. I was quite surprised because I've been seeking a new lovely heart, but it turned out he was in front of my eyes.

he is not perfect like the people I loved before (but no human being is perfect right?) but he could give something that has been looking for. he could make me let my love go. with him I felt comfortable and in control. I can not describe clearly how the feeling. its like extraordinary, where you feel there are people who will always be there for you and take care of you.

he makes me want to love him but At the same time he also made me not love him. why? because he has a girlfriend. oh my god... why like this again? I was totally confused.

I really enjoy being with him. but I tried not to love him. I do not want to hurt his girlfriend. although my contact with him already is able to hurt his girlfriend. hmmmmm with no love then Im also trying to not hurt myself. falls on the same hole. its stupid if that happened again.

my days feel more pleasant with him. though perhaps he was dissappointed to me. I cant express myself in front of him. how I was glad to have him around. my attitude is always showinh that I didnt like him. whereas the opposite is true. I just feel inferior because I was comparing myself with his girlfriend. how beautiful and smart his girlfriend. how good and wonderful his girlfriend. and how his girlfriend loved him.

remember this all made me uncomfortable again. I do not want to be selfish and be a villain love. this makes me have to forget it.

I just want him to know how pleased I was near him. and how his girlfriend is very lucky. I hope I didnt interfere with their relationship. sorry have been trying to get into it. and thank you for a wonderful week.

now I must try to get it and take off my addiction with him. (because he just made me craving for some little things).

tomorrow I'll go to magelabg for rafting. hopefully I can enjoy it ... wish me luck :)

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